Young v. Pleasant Valley School Dist., No. 07-cv-854 (M.D. Pa. Aug. 20, 2011)

The Court denied Plaintiff’s motion to compel Defendants’ expert Dr. Edward Dragan to answer questions regarding his annual earnings for testifying as an expert. Defendants had disclosed the amount of Dr. Dragan’s compensation for testifying in the case, a list of cases in which Dr. Dragan had testified in the past several years, and Dr. Dragan testified that approximately fifty percent of his expert testimony is provided on behalf of plaintiffs and fifty percent is provided on behalf of defendants. The Court found that Plaintiffs had not shown that an answer to their question would support a finding of bias. The Court noted that Dr. Dragan does not testify primarily on behalf of one type of litigant. The Court also found that the question at issue was needlessly intrusive, especially in light of the information’s marginal relevance.

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